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Steven W. Kohlhagen

The Point Of A Gun

Political Thriller

(Der Romankiosk, 2019)

Paperback, 456 p.

ISBN: 978-3748518907

14,99 [D] incl. VAT


America is experiencing a dramatic increase in terrorist attacks - by jihadists, white supremacists, and Mexican cartels. In the face of these failures by the U.S. Government intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracies, a group of ad hoc vigilantes has exploded onto the scene. And, surprisingly, this shadowy and deadly vigilante group appears to be led by at least one of the U.S. Government's most senior and trusted Counterterrorism insiders. Is it the FBI's Counterterrorism head? The Army's Senior Special Ops' head? The CIA's? As the story careens full throttle in parallel between the thrilling actions of the vigilantes' frequent murders of terrorists in the act and the attempts by investigators to discover the mystery of the rogues' identities, neither the reader, the President, nor the President's own investigators know the real identities of the vigilante leaders. As they close in on the vigilantes, the murders - both terrorist and vigilante - ratchet up. The questions then become: what are the risks to America if the public gets wind of the vigilante murders? And what does the president intend to do with the senior Counterterrorism vigilante officials if, in fact, they are found alive?